Best Coil Prep Advice

Best Coil Prep Advice 1

Are Your Coils Burning Out Quicker Than Normal?

We Have Some Tips To Help Prolong The Life Of Your Coils

Coils and pods will need replacing periodically. The Legth of time between changes depends on a number of factors. The amount of device use, power settings, chosen E-liquid and other variables all effect the lifespan.

Generally you would want to replace your coil or pod as and when you encounter a burnt taste from your atomiser. A good rule of thumb is around 1 – 3 weeks on average for a coils lifespan.

How To Prime Your Coils & Pods To Avoid Premature Burnout...

It’s really important to make sure your coil or pod is primed properly before you first fire your device. To achive this, you can follow these simple instructions:

Drip a fair amount of e-liquid into the top of the coil, allowing the cotton inside to soak it up between drips until you see the white cotton through the holes at the sides become wet. Be generous; if there is any excess once the cotton is fully saturated you can simply flick the coil to let it come out. We recommend doing this onto a paper towel or outside to prevent juice landing in unwanted areas.

Refit the coil and fill your tank with vape juice

Allow to sit for a few minutes to soak (around 10 minutes should be perfect)

Take a few ‘Primer Puffs’ by pulling on the atomiser as if you were vaping but WITHOUT firing the device (Even keep it turned off to be double sure!)

If your device has adjustable power, turn it to a low setting and fire it there (we recommend starting at around 10W and turning up 1-2W every 5-10 puffs for MTL devices and start around 20w for DTL Devices)

Work the power higher at intervals until you are back to your preferred power level

For Pods with built in coils (Like the Oxva Xlim) all you have to do is fill up the Pod and leave to soak (not connected to the device) for 5 minuites and then take two primer drags. then pop into the device and Vape!

CONGRATS! You should now have successfully primed your coil!