Nic Shots, Ice Shots or Nicsalt Shots


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Nic Shots, Ice Shots & Salt Shots

VuiceVapes Nic Shots designed for use with short fill e-liquids, this 10ml bottle can be added to any nicotine free e-liquid.

Nic Shots

Short fill e-liquids are 0mg e juices that are supplied in a bottle which leaves enough space for a nicotine shot. Once your nicotine shots are added this enables you to make your zero mg vape juice up to 3mg of nicotine strength.

Nic Shot Strengths

50ml short fills > 1x Nic Shot = 3mg

100ml Short Fill > 2x Nic Shots = 3mg

Nic Shot Ratio’s

At Vuice Vapes we try our best to advise as much as possible to help within all aspects of your vaping experience and one main thing is coil life. To help with that we have 3 different ratio’s of nic shot to help cater the thickness of your E-Liquids to combat changes in the weather (cold = thicker / hot = thinner). Both of these conditions can shorten the life span of your coil. if your E-liquid is too thin it can burn quickly and burn the cotton and with too thick E-Liquid it can take too long to pass through the cotton which can also leave you with the same out come.

have no fear as you can cater your E-liquid ratio to what works best for you.

for example if you have 100ml 70/30 VG/PG E-Liquid you can either try:

2 x 100%vg nic shots to make it as thick as possible (roughly 80/20 VG/PG

1x 100%vg & 1×50/50 to make it slightly thicker (roughly 75/25 VG/PG)

2x 50/50 to keep it roughly the same

1x 50/50 & 1x 100%pg to make it slightly thinner (roughly 65/35 VG/PG)

2x  100%pg to make it as thin as possible (roughly 60/40 VG/PG)(Ideal for MTL Devices)

Nic Shots

Ice Shots

Nic Shots, Ice Shots or Nicsalt Shots 1

The Ice shots are 18mg with 70/30 VG/PG ratio with medium strength Menthol flavouring to offer that icy hit you are after.

Nic Salt Shots

Nic Shots, Ice Shots or Nicsalt Shots 2

If you after a smother quicker hit then you may want to give our new Nic Salt Shots a try. 20mg 50/50% ratio to keep your liquid the same ratio.

Once you have added your¬†nicotine shot(s), you need to make sure the bottle is shaken vigorously (and make sure the cap is done up tightly first!). It is also advisable to give the bottle a gentle shake and/or tilt each time you go to refill you tank as some of the thicker flavours don’t bond that quickly.

Additional information

VG/PG Ratio

100%PG, 50/50, 100%VG, Ice Shot 70/30%, Salt Shot 50/50%


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