Smok Nord 2 Kit


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Smok Nord 2 Kit

Smok Nord 2 on a black and red background.

As with the original Nord, the pocket-friendly Smok Nord 2 combines the classic pod style design with a duck-bill mouth-piece which features a “lip curve” which fits the contours of your lips.

While some pod systems come with an automatic draw, the Smok Nord 2 is operated with a button system. Simply press the button five times to turn on and hold down to vape. The button operation is handy for vapers who like to turn their device off when not in use.

The Smok Nord 2 comes with 1500mAh of battery capacity. That’s an extra 400mAh over the original Smok Nord, so you can vape the device for longer between charges. Meanwhile, quick charging functionality means your Nord 2 will reach full power quicker too.

The Nord 2 comes with a wattage output from 1 to 40 watts, and can be used with a range of different resistance coils. This means it is a versatile device which can be used for a tight, restricted mouth-to-lung vape or a loose, airy direct-to-lung vape.

The Nord 2 comes with two pods. The RPM pod comes with a 0.4Ω mesh coil pre-installed. The mesh design maximises the surface area of the coil to the e-liquid, and is best used with high VG e-liquids and is the best option for a direct-to-lung vape. The Nord Pod comes with a 0.8Ω pre-installed coil and is best for a mouth-to-lung vape. The pods come with a push-and-plug system to ensure installing the coils is quick and easy.

Smok Nord 2 in different colours.


The Nord 2 is ideal for intermediate-to-experienced vapers who prefer compact devices. This is a versatile device which will suit both MTL and DTL vapers.


The Nord and RPM pods work with existing Nord and RPM coils.


Wattage adjustment

Zinc alloy body

1500mAh internal battery

Power range: 5w-40w

Resistance range: 0.3Ω-2.5Ω

Charging voltage: 1.2A

Charging indicator display


How long do Smok Nord 2 Pods last?

As Smok Nord 2 Pods are separate from the Nord Coils, they do not need regularly replacing, and could last many months.

Which coils are compatible with the Smok Nord 2?

Smok Nord pods are compatible with Nord Coils, and RPM Pods are compatible with RPM Coils.

How long do Smok Nord 2 Coils last?

Coil life depends on many factors such as frequency of vaping, how long the puffs you take are and the wattage you use the device. That means coils can last anything from a few days to several weeks. To maximise the life of your coil, always prime your coil before using it (see product care tab for details), keep your e-liquid topped up and ensure you use the appropriate wattage.

How long does the Smok Nord 2 battery last?

The Smok Nord 2 comes with a 1500mAh battery, which is substantially larger than the 1100mAh battery that the original Smok Nord had. As always the battery life depends on the wattage use – at lower wattages, the battery will last longer. That said, the battery should give most users at least a day of use.

What e-liquids can I use the Smok Nord 2 with?

The Smok Nord 2 is a versatile device which can use different e-liquids depending on the coil used. Use higher resistance coils, such as the original 1.4Ω MTL coil, for nicotine salts and 10ml e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio of around 50:50, and use the low resistance 0.4Ω mesh coils for e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio of around 70:30.

How do I adjust the wattage power on the Smok Nord 2?

Press the power button 3 times to activate the power setting. The wattage value will begin to flash. Then press the power button to change the power level.

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7-Color Resin, 7-Color Oil, Red, Black Cobra, White Cobra


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